News for February 20 2016

Hey, hows the weather?   It's a balmy February day in Northern Alabama.  I am typing with the windows up and listening to a report about record breaking Tropical Cyclone Winston.  It is 58 degrees (F) outside here right now and it wont get any cooler, according to the Weather Channel.   I've been doing some behind the scenes work this week on the web sites.  I have made some changes to and now have my music instruction information here, including the lesson supplements playlist from my Youtube page.  Soon you will see the student blog here as well.


Work continues on the next record.  Now that the home studio is set up I'm spending some time learning the new gear and demoing the new material.  I have a few taking shape called Pennsylvania and Bury Me (current working titles) with a few collaborations on the list with painter/vocalist Lucy Thomas and Mississippi based singer-songwriter Julie Warren. 

I'm pretty fired up about the new things I will have set up for my music students.  Most of them are taking guitar, but quite a few are doing ukulele (tenor/soprano, baritone and Uke bass), bass and even dulcimer.   The remote assistance I am able to provide in between lessons has really changed the way I teach and seems to be a big help as my students make music a bigger part of their lives.  Join the Blake Student Forum mailing list for more information but I will continue to update you here as well.

We will be talking about gear, old music, the weather, the new music I make, and the new music made by my students and friends new and old.  We'll also be talking art as some of my talented artist friends are doing things I'm excited about as well.


Thank you all for listening and stopping by!  Enjoy your weekend and I will see you soon.



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