2016 is off and running!

Hey everyone!  Just a month in to the new year and we are off and running.  There are a lot of things going on and I am very excited about them.   There are new tracks on the Soundcloud.  I've uploaded some live tracks from last year, some of the tracks from the first session at 56J studio in Mound City Kansas, and a few of the things I've working on with vocalist (and visual artist) Lucy Thomas.  The 56J tracks are part of the first things we are working on together up there and are older songs and covers that I have been playing live.  The Soundcloud can be found on this website's home page but I will leave the link for you here


There are some video projects in the works at 56J productions that I am working on with my buddy and videographer Cheyenne Beisiegel.  Right now we have some in studio interviews and a few on-location shots to go along with the songs on 'Mr Adams' Blues'.   Looking forward to seeing these and doing some new work with the new material. 


Speaking of new material, the writing and demoing process for the new album is underway and you should see a new release later this year!  I am also excited about working with Keith Chagnon, Eric Knight, and the gang at Persistent Management in Los Angeles on that new release.  There will be more details soon...


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